#8 My Hand Is Yours To Hold


No Matter What, Daddy Is Always Here: My Hand Is Yours To Hold - One Shot #8 

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"How is…

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but just look at the way his expression changes!!

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#17. 'Night of Our Life'


Wake Me Up: Night of Our Life- One Shot #17

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WARNING: Mature Content

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Song: Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to describe your aggressively spent demeanor. Even walking…

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  • Question: ooh ooh ooh how about some smut where Harry gets you to give him a lapdance then he ties you down on the chair as he eats you out - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I omitted the tying up bit, but the basic concept is still there, hope that’s okay! Thanks for requesting! <3

    You sigh in relief as you slip your heels off after what feels like days in them, leaning on the wall for support. You can hear Harry rustling around behind you, removing his suit jacket and slipping his own shoes off. Glancing at him over your shoulder, you catch him staring at you, but instead of averting his gaze, Harry only grins and waggles his eyebrows at you.

    "The only good things about that fancy gala were the free wine and you in that dress." You laugh at his comment, reaching up to remove your heavy dangling earrings, a gift from the man across from you himself. 

    "You look pretty nice yourself in that suit. You’re the only man in the world that can have your shirt unbuttoned like that without looking like a gigolo." He crowds into your space before you even finish your sentence, and you all but purr into his mouth when he kisses you, tongue slipping easily past your lips. One Direction has just recently released the first single for their new album, along with new tour dates, and the past several days have been a blur of publicity and jetsetting. There hasn’t been a lot of time for the two of you to be alone without one or both of you falling asleep almost instantly. 

    You have a feeling that won’t be the case tonight.

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Harry breathes heavily and moans your name softly as you ride him

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Here’s a little smutty Harry for all the lovely Harry girls and also for our friend, little sparrow! She worked hard studying and this is her reward! I hope you guys like it!

Imagine Harry watching you get ready in the morning. His eyes following your every move as you go from one task to the…

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Summary: Santana gets to a hotel after a long flight only to be seduced by the flirty bellhop, Dani. 

Rating: Very, very M. 

Pairing: Dantana (Dani/Santana from Glee)

Possible Triggers: None that I can think of. 

Word Count: 1,784

Prompt/Requester: An anon asked me to write something where “Dani is a bellhop and helps Santana with a bit more than her luggage.” 

Author’s Note: Happy reading! As always, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! 

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Harry and I are in the movie theater and watch a romantic movie. His arm wrapped around me and my head on his shoulder. “I love you, Harry” I whisper. “I love you too, baby” he smiles at me. I kiss him on the cheek and look at the movie screen again. After a while I get a bit bored and start my…

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