Daddy Styles - Harry Styles Imagine

"So ladies and gentlemen, Megan Styles!" I smiled and walked to the stage. Everyone started cheering. I gave a hug to Ellen and sit on the couch. "Today, we’re gonna talk about your children, husband and career. So, Megan, you’re 7 months pregnant, right?" I smiled and put my hand on my belly. "Yes, we’re gonna have twins, last 2 months!" "And you also have a daughter, Darcy. How about her? Is she excited about her brothers? I mean, is she angry that she’s gonna have brothers- not sisters?" "No, no. Actually, she’s very VERY happy that she’s having brothers. Because she always thinks like: if she was having sisters, we’d give her toys and clothes to them. But now, she’s having brothers, so we won’t give anything to them." Everyone started laughing and I laughed too. "And, how about Harry? He always goes on tours and work for his albums. Does she miss him?" "Oh, when he goes on tours, she never smiles. When she goes to bed, she starts crying and tells me how much she misses her daddy. So every night, they have Skype calls." "So, we have last 5 minutes. Let’s talk about your career. You were a Victoria’s Secret mancen, but when you gave birth to your first child, you weren’t a mancen anymore. Do you miss your job?" "No, I don’t. I love to spend my time with my child and being pregnant. It doesn’t distirube me. Actually, it’s very nice and lovely." "Thank you so much for this interwiev.We’re very glad you to came here. It was very nice to see you again!" I got up and gave a hug to Ellen again. It was one of my favourite interwievs..


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