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When you got back to your house, it was all in silent. “Harry! Where are you babe?” You shouted. He had to be there, at home. He didn’t text you or call you to tell you that he’s not going to be at home.
You went upstairs, to your room. When you got in, you heard little sobs coming from bathroom. “Harry?” You asked and made your way to the bathroom door. He slowly opened the door. His eyes were red and puffy and that’s why he was trying to not to look in your eyes. “Oh God Harry, what happened baby?” You opened your arms to hug him. When he hugged you, he started crying again but this time, he was crying harder. “What happened kitten? Tell me, I can help you.” He was too busy to answer you. “Shh shh, it’s OK, shh” When he finally stopped crying, he took your hand and cuddle you in your bed. “Are you okay now?” You asked. He nodded. “What happened honey, tell me. I’m sure I can fix it.” “Today,” He finally spoke. “Today, as usual, some papparazi called me manwhore and womanizer but this time they were angrier and they didn’t stop. I started to cry a bit, and they laughed..” He started to cry again. “Oh baby, it’s okay. I love you so much and believe me, what they said, were all lies.” You kissed his nose. “They-they told me that you’re perfect and I don’t deserve you and I’ll cheat on you.” He couldn’t breathe because he was crying very bad. You frowned. You wanted to cry too, but you didn’t want to do it infront of him. “Harold Edward Styles,” He focused on your eyes. “Look, Harry, I love you more than anything, more than my own life. I feel like I can’t breathe without you. I don’t give a fuck what they say because I know we’re perfect for each other. You’re the most amazing boy I’ve ever known in my life. I don’t want you to be sad and cry. Don’t listen to them, love. They just want to make news of you, so that’s why they call you these terrible things.” He finally stopped crying and kiss your lips. “I love you and anyone can change it.” He smiled and hugged you tightly. “Thank you.” He said. “For what?” “For not leaving me alone.” You smiled and fell asleep in his arms.

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